An All-Hands October

While my beta readers work their way through Loyalty To The Cause in October, I am editing it as well, viewing the draft across as many different media as possible. Different errors seem to stand out if I’m reading a draft on the computer vs. on paper vs. on my Kindle vs. on an iPad. This week I finished my hardcopy run. PDF on iPad comes next, then a first try at the Kindle format.

My wife will start her paper edits this weekend, and she has a very important side task to do. The title of very sequel to This Corner of the Universe has been taken from the previous book’s text. Durmont said “This corner of the universe” and Heskan said “No way to start a war” in Book 1. Lombardi said “The wrong side of space” in Book 2. Brewer said “Loyalty to the cause” in Book 3. Somewhere in the draft of Loyalty To The Cause (Book 4) is the title of the final book in Heskan’s series.

That it is the final book makes the selection that much harder. I’ve had a working title in my head since at least Book 3 and, yes, I made sure to use the phrase in Book 4, but I’m just not sure yet. We’re all on the lookout for other possibilities, and I hope we find something that just feels right. Captain Heskan deserves that much.

We’ll also be working up the cover graphics, marketing copy, and other needed odds and ends in October, which will all be revealed here first, then posted over on Facebook and Twitter. Recently over on Amazon a reader posted in my author page discussion section, anxiously anticipating Book 4. It’s gratifying to know folks are waiting for it, and we’ll get it to you just as soon as it is ready.

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