Rough Draft Complete! (and other ramblings)

The deed is done. Book Four, Loyalty to the Cause, has been mostly written. All that remains is a ton of editing. I’ve already made the first sweep through and I’m pretty pleased.

I’m also pretty nervous. I really like this book. I just hope that my readers enjoy it as much as I do. There are many questions answered in this novel; I hope the answers are well received by you all. It’s funny but I feel that these characters are as much yours as they are mine. I’ve received so much feedback (good and bad!) and I love all of it. Thank you again for it!

I started out with this series wanting to write science fiction that was, by no means, a sure thing for the reader. I mean, I love Star Trek but did I ever really think Kirk would die? Part of the excitement of a great, new series (for me) is the thrill of wondering if main characters will survive. I read the urban dark, The Hollows series, by Kim Harrison and LOVED it when she killed a main character. It made all the action scenes after that exciting. After all, if one main character can be killed, can’t others?

I wanted to recreate that tension in my own series and the battles in the first three books sure have collected their toll. When this series is finished (just one more book after Loyalty to the Cause), I want to write a blog about my thoughts about character death. Things like, did you know that Diane Selvaggio was supposed to die in Book Three but my wife actually showed me an opportunity that was far better than her death? I’m really glad I listened to her because the direction she suggested has changed this series for the better.

Anyway, I am digressing. Book Four has been drafted. A month with my editors (AKA talented friends and loved ones that I have cajoled into reading my error-ridden babble) and then a couple weeks refining things and it should go out. The goal was by (American) Thanksgiving and I believe I am firmly on that course.

I cannot believe that I have one book left in the series. Yes, the course of the series was charted out long ago but it’s hard to believe I am arriving at the destination. Actually, we are arriving at the destination because your help, comments and feedback have shaped this journey as much as I have.

I’m not giving up writing when these books are complete though. This series has proven that writing means too much to me to abandon it. This sci-fi series has opened so many possibilities. The series has solely followed the crew of Anelace but in its wake are a lot of untold stories. I’m looking forward to telling them.

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