NEW RELEASE – The Wrong Side of Space

TWSOS new small coverThe “Publish” button for The Wrong Side of Space has been pushed on both Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes&Noble (Nook). Amazon says it can take up to 12 hours to actually put the book on the market but experience tells me it’s closer to a couple hours. Hopefully that will be the case with this book as well. As soon as the links are live, I will add them to the “Book 3 Notes” page that is now live on this site. I’ve withheld the stellar map that appears in The Wrong Side of Space from the Book 3 Notes page for now, as it reveals a lot. That map does appear at the *end* of the ebook, so the reader doesn’t accidentally notice something too early.

Anyway, I’m very proud of TWSOS, it was tricky to write. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the continuation of the story of Heskan and the original crew of Anelace. It takes some twists and turns, and I earnestly hope you like them.

Each book in the series is meant to be unique, and Book 4 will be a challenge as well. My early hope is Loyalty to the Cause will be ready by late November 2014. Until then, please enjoy The Wrong Side of Space, watch for blog posts that add color to some of the content, and thank you for your continued support.

UPDATE: I see Amazon (.com, .uk, .de, etc.) already has the ebook up.  Nook should be soon, and the print version will be just a couple weeks yet.


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