T Minus Thirty and Counting

Unless something catastrophic goes wrong, The Wrong Side of Space should be published in under 30 days. It’s been a busy time as I have received the feedback from all beta readers and incorporated their great comments and catches. The major editing mistakes like spelling/grammar should be gone but I still encounter the occasional “change happy to glad” kind of edits. I also feel like I want to add one more scene into the book but I can’t figure out where. I’m sure it will present itself while reading through it again.

I’m not very good at setting a publish date, more of a “publish by” date (end of May), but as soon as I do release The Wrong Side of Space I’ll be sure to plaster that news here and on my social media accounts. I always want to find every last error, or at least come close. In the meantime, the marketing push has begun so if you watch my feeds on Twitter and Facebook you’ll be privy to some quotes from the book and so forth. Nothing will spoil the plot but there are some fun teases. If you remember, Heskan and Kite are in a precarious position at the ending of No Way to Start a War, so the action resumes right at Chapter One. That’s a bit of a switch from the first two books, which turned up the tension over time. No rest for Kite’s crew this time around!

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