Loyalty to the Cause

I am pleased to announce the title for the fourth installment of the TCOTU series, Loyalty to the Cause. This was a harder than normal book to title. Usually when I finish the book that comes before, Book Three in this case, the next book’s title pops out as an obvious choice in the dialogue from one of my characters.

Not so much with this title. There were some close calls but nothing fit exactly right. I have to give credit to my wife, who found the little jewel hiding in plain sight. Book Five (the final book in the series) most likely has a name that reflects Heskan’s overall story but I want to be sure something even better doesn’t evolve when writing Book Four.

Book Three, The Wrong Side of Space, will certainly be out in early Summer (and more accurately, late Spring). This weekend I am delivering the draft to beta readers, and they’ll have a month to comment on it.  I am then hoping for a late Fall release of Loyalty to the Cause and then an early Summer of 2015 for Book Five. I’ve previously mentioned the possibility of a short story or novella following Lombardi but I’m not sure how that would fit into my timeline. We’ll see how it goes and if that gets written.

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