The Smashwords July Summer/Winter Sale is On (with 2 TCOTU books too!)

Smashwords is a distribution platform used by many independent authors to spread their works, myself included.  Every July the site holds a “Summer/Winter Sale” that is not to miss.  For a full month, thousands of Smashwords authors and publishers will offer readers exclusive deep discounts on tens of thousands of ebooks. Discount levels are 25%-off, 50%-off, 75%-off and 100%-off (FREE).

This year I’ve enrolled two of my books, which happen to be the earliest and latest books I’ve written.  Below are the links to This Corner of the Universe and Chasing Blue Dots on the Smashwords site.  Happy Reading!

A mysterious woman throws an intense space traffic controller off balance, but it just may be what he needs to get to happily ever after.

50% off with coupon code for July on Smashwords!



Alone in the Skathi system with an unseen enemy, Captain Heskan’s first command could be his last.

FREE with coupon code for July on Smashwords!


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