Book By Its Cover

A departure from my usual blogs about writing this time. For those of you interested, the final book is creeping along. I’m not sure exactly when in the Summer the book will be ready but it will be ready this Summer (unless something unforeseen and catastrophic happens).

The exciting news is that I am planning to time the release of the finale of the series with entirely new (and professional) book covers for all of the books. I do my best when designing my book covers, but let’s face it, I am no artist. After some discussions with a book cover art guy, I’m ready to take the plunge into investing in professional covers.

I’ll tease the covers as the time gets closer to release but right now, all I have are concepts and general ideas of what the covers could be about. To those of you who actually ordered the print on demand paperbacks, you’ll have a little piece of history when the covers change over. Maybe, in a hundred years, they’ll be collector’s items!

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