Progress At Last

I dislike my blogs when I write about how the next book is progressing but that’s what this one is about. For a change, it’s good news. During the early Summer, I seemed a bit confounded with Book 4 (Loyalty to the Cause). However, since August, I’ve really made some breakthroughs and, where I was falling behind schedule, I am very optimistic for a November release. Probably closer to the end of November than the beginning but if you’re interested in the next book in the series, you’ll be reading about Heskan while munching turkey (American calendar).

It’s been fun writing the characters you’d expect to be in the next book but it’s also been nice to pick up some new ones as well. Loyalty to the Cause is shaping up to be a bit longer than any of the previous books. When I have completely finished the first draft, I’ll have to read through it for pacing, etc. and maybe I will cut some of the slower parts out. We’ll see. I like writing tight, fast-paced books but I’ve also seen folks mention how they wish the books were longer. I’m taking those comments as compliments!

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