Naming the Star Systems

I’m not sure if readers have noticed but there is some moderate rhyme and reason to the names of the Terran governments’ star systems.

Originally, when I was writing the first book, I wanted a list of cool-sounding star systems that I could refer to. I ended up going with the list of moons around Saturn. Skathi, Skoll, obviously Titan, are all satellites of Saturn. As the Brevic Republic became more known during the second book, I branched out to other planetary bodies to take their moons’ names.

However, I was stuck when I started writing about the Hollaran Commonwealth and Solarian Federation. I was probably going to run out of moons. So, I decided pretty early to use ancient Roman gods for the Commonwealth and legendary creatures for the Federation. There are some exceptions but, for the most part, this holds true.

Eventually, as I was outlining Book Four, I knew I had to come up with a sub-classification system for the Brevic Republic. So, I decided to use Jupiter’s moons for the “Western” border, Saturn for the “North,” Uranus for the “South” and Neptune for the “East.” As this was a relatively new way to divide the star system names up inside the Republic, there are some notable exceptions (mainly systems discussed in the first book).

I also decided that since I had bothered to come up with a naming system, that I would actually attach every star system name mentioned in any book onto the Galaxy Map on the Stellar Maps page. (You can help me by sending me an e-mail if you notice one I have missed.) This is why, if you look at the huge map, some systems have names that don’t seem relevant to the main story line.

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