If a Starship Leaves Bree, How Far to Tetium?

As I was writing The Wrong Side of Space, I began to realize just how much of the universe was beginning to fill up.  New London, New Roma, Dionne (anyone remember that one?) and so many other systems have been named and casually remarked about.

I recently made a point to keep track of the locations I’ve named and I finally got around to placing names to locations.  The Galaxy Map  (on the Stellar Maps page) has been updated with a “safe” map to view.  I quoted safe because there are still some pseudo-spoilers.  Sure, Novya Zemya is benign enough but how the heck do some of these other systems fit in?

So, if you want to be completely spoiler-free, don’t expand the map.  If you’re curious where Janus is or perhaps you always wanted to catch a Slamball game at Tetium, now you can at least know how many dives you are from it.

For the most part, I have hidden the names of systems not in the Brevic Republic although I have named quite a few of those.  Maybe, in time, they might be relevant.

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