Thank you, Readers

Well, we’re almost at the three week mark since This Corner of the Universe was e-published on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and I’m thrilled with the response.  It means a lot to me that so many readers not only were willing to pay the $3 but also willing to invest their free time in my first novel.  The reviews and comments posted on the sales pages and sent via this site have been insightful and wonderful.  The pessimist in me thought there would be several “harsh” reviews (and there may well still be!) but I’ve been very lucky so far in that all the comments to date have been great.  Even the criticisms (we called them “improvement opportunities” in the Air Force) have been well thought out and helpful.  Thank you for your insight.  Thank you for spending your free time with my story.  It’s humbling and frankly, a little scary.

Book Two editing is coming along.  I am nearly ready to unleash it to my editors (AKA a talented group of family and friends).  I can’t thank them enough for the wonderful job they do–I’m very proud of the quality of editing in the first book.  It will be exciting to listen to their feedback; No Way to Start a War is different in that the scale is quite a bit larger.  TCOTU is almost claustrophobic, one small ship, one small star system.  I wanted it that way so I could focus on specific goals and, being the first book of the series, I wanted to keep it simple.  Book Two expands the universe.  Readers that have mentioned the politics in TCOTU as a little light might enjoy that expansion some.

Once again, I want to say thank you.  I know personal free time is at a premium these days and I am grateful and delighted that you spent some of yours to take a chance on an independent author.

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